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More than a bill…

An invoice is a chance to leave one last impression with clients. It can remind them of your professionalism, energy, and skill. Creative professionals know how daunting the blank page can be. Beyond a piece of paper, blank pages make visions into reality, leave an impression, and even change the world. The hard part is getting started and a blank invoice is no different.

Your invoice says a lot about your company and here at Bric we want to help. This article provides several blank invoice templates. There are a couple of example companies listed below. This may help create your own invoice from the blank invoice templates we included.

Quick Complete Blank Invoice Templates

Preview Blank Invoice Template

At Bric we love great design, however we also know that speed is important. Download these quick complete blank invoice templates if you need to invoice quickly. You can download them for PDF, Excel and Google Sheets.

Download as a:  PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets.

Invoice Design Templates

If you have more time we encourage you to download on of our free invoice templates as a PDF or for Adobe InDesign. We have prepared 5 templates that you can customize for your specific business.

A Traditional Invoice

Traditional Invoice Template

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This style is the classic invoice. Simple and to the point, though not boring or plain. It is an effective tool for a company that has a small staff or a diverse client-base. It also focuses on the bottom line and is an effective way to display professionalism.

A theoretical company of three people works with local doctors, restaurants, real estate companies, and retail stores. They provide individualized branding and web development to these very different companies. They would be a prime candidate for a more traditional invoice.

This company would want to focus on one, distinct invoice that sets itself apart from other firms in the area. Due to the small staff and wide array of companies, invoices can afford to be standardized. However, this is not an excuse to skimp on design and must be recognizable. This type of invoice requires style, simplicity, and precision to communicate the company’s abilities.

Clever and Professional

Professional Invoice Template
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This style of invoice seeks to combine the services provided with the individual client’s business. This involves taking images, phrases, and keywords and matching them with the information on the invoice.

For example, a hypothetical software development company works with large corporate clients. They seek to provide an invoice to a large healthcare company.  The project was a large database migration. Rather than providing the same generic invoice they decide to play with the information available to leave an impression on their client.

This could include incorporating the company name into an EKG readout, itemizing services with healthcare icons and framing the invoice with a stethoscope. These project an element of design that shows the companies interest in the work they did.

Design Leaders

Free Invoice Template
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This style of invoice is unique because it takes the product delivered and applies it to the invoice. It is inherently project-specific. This style extends the design elements provided and applies them to the invoice itself, essentially making it the last piece of the product.

In this example, a mobile app development company (loved by entrepreneurs for their great interfaces and by investors for their reliability) finishes an app that simplifies ordering flowers for loved ones. This allows for the visual themes of the app to be applied directly to the invoice, making it an extension of the product.

The app has a specific color scheme, font and style for buttons. These can be included into the invoice to allow for easy recognition. The entire invoice could be in the same font with the same coloring used throughout the invoice.

The Solo Professional

Freelance Invoice Template

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This style of invoice is unique because it is not just a reflection of a company but also of a personality. This combination of business and personal makes this invoice as much a bill as a statement and allows for more variety than any of the other choices listed in this article.

In this example, there is a single individual that writes articles for a local technology company. In the past month she delivered five articles with a unique keyword. She wants to let her employer know that she is reliable and warm while being firm about payment.

This individual’s invoice could include warm colors, like light reds, yellows, or oranges. It could also includes more familiar terminology and a handwritten thank-you oat the bottom. This invoice could also include statistics about traffic generated and unique page views created by her work. This would invoice could also include the total number of assignments turned in on-time or earlier to underscore reliability.

The Hip, Hype Company

Free Invoice Template

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This style of invoice reflects a company that is big, bold and looking to make a statement. These types of invoice want to be hip, cool, and elite, making clients feel like they are privy to this exclusivity. They capture the attention of anyone and everyone from the first project meeting until submitting the last invoice.

An example would be a PR and Social Media contractor that works with all the big names like Forbes, and the New York Times. They are in an elite category and need to stand out in everything they undertake. They are working with a tech company that wants to use drones to deliver packages from the back of delivery trucks.

This kind of big-picture project needs to capture in an invoice what is as much an advertisement as it is an invoice.  It would need to stand out from the competition by being printed on glossy paper-stock.  It would want to capture the scale of the project, possibly using a drone to deliver it. And it needs to stay in the news by putting a video of the delivery on YouTube.

There are no rules.

Blank invoices are daunting but creative professionals know that they can also be as much an expression of their vision as project itself. The most important rule is there are no rules and invoices are as varied as the companies, projects, and people that create them.

At Bric, we want to help foster your creative passion by taking the specifics of your project and managing the information that eventually becomes the invoice. Our unique project management software generates what your client needs to know in one convenient package in a timely and efficient manner making the blank invoice your invoice.

Bric, get back to the work you love.