Bric Case Study with Contemporary Analysis

Contemporary Analysis Data Science

Putting Data Science in the Spotlight

Data Science has emerged as a new way to improve business processes. Contemporary Analysis (CAN) helps companies embrace data science. Over the last 10 years, CAN has become the industry leader in providing Data Science consulting and services.

“Essentially we help companies implement predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science into their organizations by helping them with the initial phase of development — getting it off the ground”, explains Nate Watson, CEO of Contemporary Analysis.

While adopting Data Science is increasingly common, it can be difficult for companies to plan projects that have a real ROI. Using Bric helps CAN plan for success; the result are projects with real ROI.  

Managing for Sustainability — Talent, Costs and Education.

CAN successfully implements data science into an organization by:

  • Using Bric to assign the right team for the project.
  • Using Bric to balance cost and results.
  • Developing people through education.

Putting the right team on the right project is CAN’s largest advantage. Their philosophy on hiring and retaining talent is simple. Watson explains that their focus is to “Hire the best people who not only want to solve problems but who aren’t dismayed when the solution becomes hard to find.”

CAN embraces the challenge of finding the correct talent. As with every new field, data science struggles to provide enough talent to fill the number of jobs across the ecosystem. When hiring, CAN strikes a balance between finding team members with experience and nurturing up and coming talent.

To help fill their projects with the right talent, CAN balances a team of salaried, hourly, and contracted team members. This provides their team flexibility to retain talent, while being able to scale to meet the needs of larger projects. However, managing so many types of employees can become complex without the right tool.

“Managing a staff of full-time employees who need to allocate out their time, part-time workers who need to track their time, and contractors who need to bill their time was a problem. Bric was the only solution we found that made sense for our company.” explains Watson.

CAN uses Bric to effectively manage their team. Bric’s analytics and reporting distinguishes between salaried and hourly costs. This allows project managers to have precise data for financial reporting and invoicing.

“Additionally, because of how Bric is set up, we didn’t need an additional project management tool.” explains Watson, “We manage and track time and expenses of a project quickly, easily, and from well-designed dashboards.”

Bric helps CAN Manage Complex Projects

Naturally, Contemporary Analysis’ projects are complex. In a recent project, multiple subcodes were managed underneath the main code. Each subcode had its own project team. Each team had their own time tracking, estimation, and bonus system for early completion and staying under budget.

Coordinating so many teams can be difficult without the proper tools. This was additionally complicated when multiple sub-projects were being run at the same time. As project complexity increases, so does communication and organizational complexity.

“With Bric, we track time, budget, cost, remainders, and manage the project effectively even as some subcodes exceed expectations, and some fell behind.” explains Watson, “In the end, Bric provided a detailed report we provided to the client which gave them the necessary insight to give bonuses where bonuses were due.”

Using Bric’s intuitive time tracking, CAN’s project teams have the data they need to organize multiple teams across multiple projects. Plus Bric’s reporting abilities help CAN meet the communication needs of complex projects.

The Future of Data Science

Contemporary Analysis continues to drive the adoption of data science across industries. These organizations see profound returns and a new way of thinking. This is thanks to CAN’s ability to educate, sustain, and manage unique projects with Bric.