Project Planning

Bric alerts you to scheduling conflicts, calculates how much to charge, and recommends more accurate project plans.

Build from Analytics or Templates

Bric learns as you complete projects and track time. When you create project plans from Analytics, Bric will recommend more accurate project plans. With templates you can quickly build project plans and keep things consistent.

Get Alerts. 

As you plan and make adjustments Bric will alert you to people working multiple projects or are over scheduled.

Compare Budgets and Billable Rates. 

Bric remembers your billable rates — even by the project. As you plan Bric will calculate what you should charge, and compare it to your client’s budget.


Project Management

No matter how perfect your project plan is, the unexpected will happen. Bric gives you tools to identify changes and respond accordingly.

Identify Off-Track Projects.

Bric highlights projects that are ±20% off planned hours. View your off-track projects right from the Bric Dashboard, and click through to view all of your projects sort by % off track, % completed, or due date.

Track Progress Side-by-Side with Plans

View your original estimate, update your current plan, and monitor work as it is completed — all from your project plan.

Monitor Costs and Profits.

View your project financials from the project plan. Know your estimated costs and profits, and track them as work is completed.


Know what is finished, in progress, and needs to be done. With hours and tasks side-by-side you will be able to deliver on time and budget.

Visualize the flow of tasks.

As work is completed tasks move from ToDo to Doing, and finally to Done. Tasks can also move from person to person as needed.

Flags, Colors, and Alerts.

Organize your tasks by color, use Flags and Exclamations to signal issues, and get alerts as tasks approach due dates.

Add Details.

Communicate expectations by adding details to tasks. Add a paragraph or two explaining the goal, add a checklist of sub-tasks, and assign the task a due date. This will keep projects moving without a hitch.

Time Tracking

Bric allows your team to track time, and you to compare your planned time and tracked time side-by-side.

My Timesheet.

Each person has access to their timesheets with projects they are assigned. They can scroll through weeks, take notes, and enter time as HH:MM, 00.00 or with Bric’s stopwatch.

Nav Bar Timer.

In addition to their timesheet, people can track time using in Bric’s navigation bar. It has all the functions of the Timesheet page. Enter time or start and stop Bric’s stopwatch to keep track of time. Don’t worry about walking away or closing your computer — our servers will make sure to keep the time.

Managment Controls

Managers and Admins can review timesheets by project and person, edit time entries, and add comments. In addition, Admins can lock timesheets with Bric’s preset. Management Control help with reviews, and ensuring that timesheets are up to date.

Export Timesheets.

Managers and Admins can export timesheets by project and by person to a .CSV file. Exports are great for creating invoices, running payroll, and custom reports.


Bric is your company’s information hub — alerting you to potential issues and opportunities.

Know Your Bench.

This is your Bric homepage. On top is a summary of your projects: # active, # off-track, # in planning, utilization rate. Below is your team’s availability — by week and individual.

Monitor Your Projects.

Get key metrics about your projects all in one place. View your original estimate, your current project plan, and the actual hours worked. In addition, Bric keeps track of your client’s budget, and compares it automatically to the project’s financials.

Analyze Your Capacity.

Week-by-week know your team’s capacity in hours and dollars. Bric’s visualizations highlight who is over scheduled, and who is available for more work.

Navigate Your Team’s Calendar. 

By week view scheduled projects. Click on a project name to view the team. Click on an individual to see their projects, and then click  to view the project plan.


Using Bric will help improve your employee utilization. You will know who is busy, who is free, and be able to maximize your team’s talents and time.

Manage Access.

Control who can plan projects, and view sensitive employee and financial information. You can also control access to specific features and reports.

Assign Multiple Billable Rates. 

You can assign billable rates to people and roles. Bric keeps track of the details so you can focus on making right planning decisions.

Set Hours per Week.

You can set the number of hours people should work per week. You can set this as a company goal, for each role, or by individual person.

Assign Multiple Roles. 

Bric is flexible. Each person has a primary role, however, people can be assigned to multiple roles — even on the same project.

Schedule Holidays and Time-off.

When you schedule Holidays and time-off Bric adjusts people’s availability, updates the calendar, and will alert you when planning projects.


Get more from our reports and dashboards, by connecting Bric with the applications you are already using.

Bric’s API

Bric’s Public API allows us to integrate with the applications you already use. You can write your own integrations, or hire our team to develop custom integrations. Click to view our API documentation.

Data Export

Export timesheets by selecting your project, and date range. Your data will be available as a spreadsheet, or ready to import into Quickbooks etc. Great for payroll and invoicing.

Global Support

Customize Bric to where you live and work. Bric supports users in 316 cities across 70 countries.

Your Local Currency. 

Bric currently supports 31 different currencies. We want you to be able to work in the currency and format that you are most comfortable with. If we don’t have your currency please contact us.

Your Language — in beta

Work how you are most comfortable. Bric supports multiple languages using Google Translate. If your browser language is not English you will have the option to translate our system into your local language.

Local Data Centers — In Progress.

Electrons are fast but traveling the globe still takes a long time. We are working on improving our application’s speed by launching data centers in Europe and Asia.