Gantt Chart Excel Template

At Bric we want to streamline your project management so that you can focus on the product and not the process. Gantt charts are a great tool to starting this process. They are simple to make, easy to understand and accepted across almost any industry.

To help you save time we decided to provide you a gantt chart excel template so you can do some basic organization before you start your next project. Feel free to download our gantt chart template and get to work.

Using our free gantt chart excel template is very simple. Just download the Excel spreadsheet attached to this article. This pulls up a simple two-part spreadsheet. The top part is for inputting your unique tasks and the bottom part is the outputs.

Download the Template


Simply fill in the relevant information for your project in the cells. Name the task and select your start and end dates. The duration is calculated automatically.

gantt chart excel template cells

If you need more cells for additional tasks it is simply a matter of selecting all the cells in the bottom row…

gantt chart excel template select

Selecting the blue square in the bottom right-hand corner and pulling down as many cells as you need.

gantt chart excel template drag

You will only need to fill in the task, start and end dates. The duration is automatically calculated by Excel.


Once you put in your information to the cells it will automatically reflect in the gantt chart excel template. This simple box is completely customizable. The font, colors, sizes and themes are completely up to the user to manipulate. This reflects your vision and passion in one simple, east to understand chart.

gantt chart excel template output

Projects are Three-Dimensional

Gantt Charts are a great place to start, but they don’t tell the whole story. They track the tasks and the time, but they don’t reflect client expectations, invoicing or personnel management. This is where Bric takes you to the next level. More than just a simple gantt chart template, our state-of-the art software brings analytics directly to your fingers tips. Allowing you to track time, build capacity and project manage without having to reinvent the wheel.

Bric. Get back to the work you love.