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Why is Bric, a project management software, giving out a free time calculator? It’s because, above all else, Bric wants to help you get back to the work you love. We don’t want you to stress.

If your management team is struggling to find a solution for time tracking problems, here is your free, quick, and reliable fix. Draft timesheets and invoice clients in a few easy clicks.

Create your time card, share it, talk about it, love it. Let us know what you think.

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Why are we giving away a free time calculator?

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It’s because we care about creative teams.

Tracking time is critical to running a creative agency. No creative should be without timesheet software. So we are giving away a free time calculator.

It isn’t as fancy as Bric, but it is enough. Eventually you will want to upgrade to a complete capacity planning system to track time and plan projects.

The Small Stuff — Like Time Tracking — Matters.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is an annoying platitude that has somehow managed to penetrate all parts of our lives: from your child’s little league team to your working lunch meetings. Ok, yes, it’s important not to get caught up in things. At the same time, when the “small stuff” doesn’t have a solid foundation, the “big stuff” often crumbles. Think: relationships.

We want to take away your pain.

What does this means for your business?

Your creative agency no longer has to search around for reliable and affordable time tracking software. You don’t have to rely on employees remembering to log their hours on boring Excel spreadsheets. You don’t have to pay any money for time tracking management. Our time calculator is free.

It means you can get back to the work you love. It means you can focus on the creativity inside of you. Our free calculator allows you focus on your employees, your projects, and daily agency life. No more time card nightmares. With our time calculator, you can rest assured knowing your employees have a simple, aesthetic, and user-friendly mode of time tracking.

How it works:

Check our “free time calculator” page. See what you think. If you like it, pass it on to all your employees.

When they click on the link they’ll see each day of the week stacked up places to enter “start time” and “end times” as well as break deductions. Our time calculator adds up the subtotals for each day, and at the end of the week gives the grand total. All your employees have to do is export to CSV and send it to payroll. As simple as that.

One website. One time calculator. Zero charge. Stream-lined and ready to go. No downloads. No payments. You’re welcome.

Because time can be a pain.

Someone once said “Routine is worry’s sly assassin.” Seems pretty human. Do the same thing everyday, forget about the bigger picture. But read up on William James’ philosophy here. He was like “Humans love habit, they love it so much they are sometimes bound to it. So if you recognize them and try to do things differently, you might be happier.” Cool. Enough philosophy.

Time tracking: when it becomes an easy habit, you stop worrying about it. That’s what our free time calculator allows. It lets your employees track time worry-free, so they can make it part of their day and it doesn’t have to consume their time and stifle creativity.

But the core of Bric is sort of like William James and his ideas on habit. Businesses have been time tracking for years. We decided punching hours on a time card needs a little spice. So we gave time tracking a new purpose, and created our time tracking software. And guess what? With our software, employees can think about time tracking even less.

What else Bric can do for you . . .

Our software is centered around 3 ideas: project management, employee optimization, and time tracking.

Project management: We want our users to carry out project proposals with budgets and scopes backed by data. So that’s exactly what Bric does. We separate the different projects your agency is working on and keep track of times employees spend on each one. When you get a new project of a similar size and scope to an old one, you can make more accurate budget and timeline estimations.

Employee Optimization: With Bric, you can enter in how many hours every employee is supposed to work a week, and how many hours each project has left before it goes overtime. This prevents employees pulling out their hair working 10 extra hours every week, and from spinning in their office chairs to pass time.

Time tracking: Of course. How do we track time on Bric? Employees simply click the project du jour and BOOM the clock starts. When they’re done working on that project, they click out. Clock ends. More accurate hours. Less math for employees. More creativity. More project-centered work.

New to Bric? Give our time calculator a try. Like what you see? Give us a free trial. See how your employees like stress-free, accurate, and project-centered time tracking software.

5 fun facts about time

As we said earlier, we at Bric spend a lot of time thinking about time. So we found some interesting facts of the matter to lighten the day. Here ya go.

  1. There is a global organization dedicated to time zone social justice. They represent people in places like Iceland, Alaska, and Norway who have to spend 20 hours in the dark sometimes. Turns out this, along with daylight savings, can mess with your heart health.
  2. One time the Soviet Union experimented with 5 and 6 day weeks instead of 7.
  3. 24 hours a day? Not quite, it’s just under. Earth gains about 3 milliseconds of time per rotation.
  4. Standardized time zones in the U.S. happened because the railroads demanded it in 1883.
  5. Most important: the movie “Wayne’s World” was filmed in 2 weeks. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Makes your time tracking seem easy, huh?