Bric Partnership With #GetStarted

Bric Discount Announcement

Our New Partnership – Helping You Get Back to the Work You Love!

We here at Bric are constantly working to make the management of your business easier. In order to do so, we have partnered with the team at #GetStarted to provide you with great business discounts. These business offers can save your firm money in areas like project planning, digital mailing lists, and the like. All of the discounts that #GetStarted offers is aimed at helping small businesses, start-ups, or any firm that just needs an advantage over its competition.

Business Discounts

The great folks over at #GetStarted are currently offering discounts for companies designed to save your business money. Nothing is more frustrating that spending time and money on problems that have already been professionally solved. Some of these offers include companies like:

Bric, ChartMogul, FreeAgent, CrazyEgg, UsabilityHub, Capsule, CognitiveSEO, MailChimp, and more!

Successful companies find ways do decrease their time and money spent on tasks that could otherwise be automated. All of the companies listed above provide services that streamline many of the time consuming processes in your business. Never let your precious time be used by simple tasks that should be automated.

Our Newest Offer – An Extended Free Trial

To commemorate our partnership with #GetStarted we are offering extra trial time! All our new customers who sign up with the #GetStarted code listed below will get their initial trial time doubled. Go from a 30 day trial to 60 days just for celebrating this partnership with us!

To try out this offer, email us and mention the offer code: BRIC#GETSTARTED2017

Want to find out more about the Bric Software? Watch our corporate introduction video, and a video demo of Bric’s software. Still need to ask questions or just want to chat?  Email us any questions you might have.

“Get Back to the Work You Love!” – The Bric Team