Managing Access and Permissions in Bric

It’s vitally important to know who in your company has access to certain information and capabilities. Bric helps you maintain security by providing a setting that gives you the power of allowing or disallowing access to crucial data. When inviting people to use Bric, you have the option of setting these restrictions how you see fit.

Click to Play Controlling Access to Bric

Here’s how it breaks down for Access Levels:

Employee – These members have the ability to track their own time, view projects plans, and use the calendar. However, they have no access to financial data.

Manager – Members in this role can adjust each employee’s hours, plan projects, and view reports, along with an optional ability to view financial data.

Admin – This is a member with full access to the Bric account, including company settings and financial information.

Combining People + Access Levels. 

In Bric, People are resources that you can add to project plans. You can invite the same people to have access to Bric. This will allow them to track time, and view project plans. You can invite them to Bric under Settings > People when adding people or by click on to edit them. You can manage who has access under Settings > Access.

Note: Email addresses are how Bric identifies people. Make sure to use the same email address per person through out the system.

Main points

  • Only People can be assigned to projects.
  • As a User, you cannot be assigned to projects. You can only manage them.
  • You can be a User AND a Person if you’re linked by the same email address. This allows you to manage projects as a User, as well as be assigned to them as a Person.
  • People need access to Bric to track time, requiring an invitation. If no time tracking is needed, no invitation is necessary.
  • Bric only charges for the People that can be assigned to a project.