Adding People to Bric

In Bric, People are resources that can be assigned to projects, and have to be added before you can plan projects. Also, adding People to Bric is not the same as inviting them as users. Read more about giving people access to Bric. 

Note: Bric charges $7 per Person per month. The amount we charge is based on the number of People under management at the start of each monthly billing cycle.

Ready to Add People?

Click on People under Settings.

Click to Play Add People to Bric

The form on the right hand side of the page is how you add people under your company that can be assigned to projects. The person’s name is mandatory, of course, but email is not required unless you plan on inviting them to have access to Bric in order to track their time.

After that, choose their role from a drop down list of preconfigured roles, or by adding a new role for them.

The next two fields ask for this person’s billable rates for the client. Bric has suggested defaults for weekly hours and hourly rates, but these fields are editable to your specifications.

Finally, the annual salary is what you pay this person. Filling in the annual salary field automatically calculates the hourly cost.

The “Invite to Bric” checkbox underneath is crucial to select if this person needs access to the system. Check this box, and an email will be sent to the person asking them to create an account with Bric. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll be able to track their time as needed. You can manage their permissions under Settings > Access. 

Now you’re ready to start project planning! Users and People alike can come together to make great things happen- just like Bric intended!

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