Assigning People to Projects

Assigning people to projects is designed to be an easy process, allowing you to estimate budgets and timelines before determining who will work on the project. Remember when you assigned Roles to people? This is going to come in handy. Here’s how you get those people onto your upcoming project:

From your Dashboard, navigate to the “Plan new project” button. You’ll be lead through setting up your project details in which you customize the information for your project.

Project Details

Now, once you’ve reached the next window, fill in the information at the top of the page. This sets your project start date, budget, and project stage. Leave the stage in “plan” mode until you’re ready to activate the project.

Project Date

This is where things get interesting. Take a look at the next section of the page.

Project Page

See that Add Role button? Click on that, and it will populate a window with all those roles you added before when setting up your company information. If you haven’t added any roles for your people yet, don’t worry, it’s as easy as typing into the search window, then clicking “Add new roles”. That will take you to the settings page in which you can add all the roles you need.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 1.57.00 PM

Done adding roles? Great, let’s get back to that project you’re setting up. Return to the project and select the role you want. What this does is open a category in which you can assign people. For example, let’s say you open a general role category called “Employee”.

Employee Category

Under that, you should see an option to Select an Employee. Clicking on that does what you might expect. Assign as many people for this role as you may want on your project.

Adding another role will add another category, and a new list of people labeled under that role to add.

Finally, don’t forget to Activate the project when you’re finished editing!