What Happens When You Delete a Person

Your Bric subscription is month-to-month. You can adjust the number of people that you are planning and tracking time for in Bric, and Bric will automatically adjust your bill. Click here for more information on pricing.

In this article we will review what happens when you delete a person from your Bric account.

To Delete a Person from Bric, you go to Settings > People, and then click on the trash can icon to remove them. Be careful, this action cannot be undone!

When you delete a Person from Bric the following will happen:

Access: Deleting a Person does not change their access to Bric. To remove Access you need to go to Settings>Access and click the Remove button. If you’re no longer managing someone, but you would like them to continue to have access to Bric: delete them under People, but keep their email active in Access. You can manage their access using the Access Level drop down.

Project Plans: When you delete a person from Settings>People, Bric indicates the change on your Project Plans as a Grey Diagonal Stripes. This is independent of Project Stage — Plan, Active, and Completed. You can remove the Delete Person from the project plan by clicking on the circle to the left. The circle is greyed out, but turns blue on hover.

Planned and Actual hours are not removed when you delete a person. They can be reassigned to a new person by clicking on the circle to the left of the Person’s name — it turns blue on roll over. This will remove the Person from from the Role. To reassign a hour to a new Person click “Select a [Role Name]”.

Timesheets: When you delete a person, they will no longer have access to their Timesheet — even if they still have access to Bric. Managers and Admins will also not be able to view that Person’s Timesheet.

Their hours will still be available using the Project Timesheet view. This view is available to Managers and Admins.

Calendar: Once a Person is Deleted from Settings>People, their name will no longer be available under Individual Calendars. However, their name still appears under projects they are still assigned to under Project Calendars.

Reports: A person that has been deleted from Settings>People will be removed from future weeks. However, they will continue to show up on the current week, and past weeks. This applies to the Home Dashboard and the Capacity Report.

Project Analytics: Deleting a person will not impact Project Type analytics.