How to Export Your Bric Timesheet to CSV

How to Export Your Bric Timesheet to CSV

Compiling your data couldn’t be simpler. In a few easy steps, you’ll be able to package your project hours into a deliverable product. Here’s how to export your Timesheet:

Create a project

Click on “Projects” on the top menu bar, and you should see a button that reads, “Plan new project”.

Plan Project Button

Customize your project by creating a name, its client, and a quick description. This serves to keep your various projects organized and readable on your Timesheet Dashboard. You can also create a custom code for your project, or let Bric auto generate one for you. Additionally, you can choose a color to identify this project by selecting your color of choice from the drop down menu.

Project Details

Now click on the button that says, “Create Project”, and you’ll be taken to a new set of options for setting up your project.

Setting up the project

If you need to return to the previous options, click the button on the top right that says, “Edit project details”. If not, let’s move on.

Edit Project Details Button

Enter in the value of the budget allotted by your client. If this is not a billable project, uncheck the box and select “Does Not Impact Capacity Reports”. The “Calculated Price” will auto populate as work hours in your Timesheet increase.

Project Budget

Set the start week by selecting a date from the Start Week box. By default, all projects are scheduled in full weeks, however, adjustments can be made to individual days to accommodate projects that don’t utilize the entire week, or begin later in the week.

Project Date

Add your team members by clicking the button that says “Add Role”. Once you select a role, you’ll be able to set a category in which you can assign your members. Hourly wages should already be configured in the company profile, and will be displayed next to the member’s name once they’re added.

Adding Members

At this point you can fill in the “planned hours”, or how many hours you believe it would take to complete this project. This will be compared against  the “actual hours” the team members enter in as they work.

Activate the project

Click on the “Project Stage” drop-down menu and select “Active” in order to begin recording Timesheet hours for team members. Make sure to click  the “Save” button to the right of the drop-down menu to save your project details.

Project Status

Start your Timesheet

You should now be able to begin recording hours for your project using your Timesheet. Click on the “Timesheet” tab on the top menu of your page, then you’ll be able to edit the number of hours each member has worked by clicking on the “0:00” in the appropriate box.

Adding Hours

Export the data

Once all of your team’s hours are entered in as needed, click the button labeled “Export to CSV”. You’ll be greeted with an option to select the time frame, which will prompt the download of your Timesheet file.

Export Timesheet Dropdown

And that’s all there is to it! Impress your friends and coworkers with your newfound knowledge of Timesheet Exports and all the other features Bric has to offer by exploring our Help Articles.