All About Project Codes

Bric implements project codes as a way of helping you keep track of your projects. There are several ways you can configure them. To adjust this feature, go to your company’s settings.

Click to Play Project Codes

Here, you have the ability to select one of the following options:

Manually: completely customizable to be whatever you need. This comes in handy in cases such as automated coding by another system. 

Sequentially: Bric automates the counting process for you. You can begin your project codes at 1, or any number you choose.

Client + Sequentially: Instead of creating a sequential project code for all projects, this setting allows you to have sequential projects codes for each client.

Project Type + Sequentially: This is the same concept as Client + Sequentially, except that it will code your projects by project type.

Important things to know

Bric wants to keep your coding system confusion free, so although you can skip numbers for your project codes, you cannot go backwards in the numbering system or create duplicate codes. Bric also limits abbreviations to up to four characters.

Once you’ve set up a project code, it’s labeled next to the project on your dashboard. But you can also view it by either going to Settings > Project Types, or Settings > Clients.