Time Tracking a Step-by-Step Tutorial


Bric helps you plan and track time. We have already discussed how to plan a project using Bric. Now, we are going to explore time tracking with Bric. This article covers:

  • Inviting People to Track Time.
  • Methods for Tracking Time.
  • Managing Timesheets. 
  • Exporting Timesheets.

Unlocking Time Tracking for Yourself.

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If you want to track time, you need to add yourself to People under Settings. Make sure to use the same email address you use to sign into Bric. Bric links people using their email address. Now, you should see the Stopwatch in the Nav Bar, and My Timesheet when you click on Timesheet in the Nav Bar. If you don’t refresh the page.

Inviting Others to Track Time

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Once you completed the setup process and planned a few project, you are ready to invite the rest of your team to Bric. Go to Settings > People. You can invite people to Bric when you add them, or click to edit their information. When you invite someone they are invited as an Employee. You can change their access and permissions under Settings > Access. Learn more about access and permissions. 

If you need help explaining the value of Bric to your team check out our Slide Decks.

For your Partners: The focus on this slide deck on the benefits of tracking and planning time.

For Your Employees: This slide deck focuses on how to use Bric, and highlights the features that will be most important to your team.

Tracking Time Using the Navigation Bar

Logged in using the email that was provided upon invitation, you’re able to see that Bric displays an easy to access timer on the navigation bar. Click on this, and you’ll get a window asking you to input the project on which you’re working, a description of your current endeavors, and the time it took you to do this task. Now all that’s left to do is click “log time”, and you’re done!

Click to Play Tracking Time with Bric's Online Stopwatch

Tracking Time Using My Timesheet

Click to Play Tracking Time with Bric's Timesheet

Click on the “Timesheet” tab at the top of the page. Bric will take you to your personal timesheet — My Timesheet. If you don’t see “My Timesheet” you need to be added to Settings > People.

Your timesheet — My Timesheet — is automatically updated when you are assigned to active projects. It allows you to track time using the stopwatch, as HH:MM and 00.00. You can also add notes by hovering over a cell and clicking .

You can scroll between weeks using the . The current week is displayed in the Options Bar. You can click on the to select a week from the calendar.

Managing Timesheets.

Bric gives you the ability to lock your timesheets to prevent editing during certain days or hours. This feature is found within Settings>Company Settings, in a drop down menu. You have the option of locking your timesheets:

  • Once the project is completed
  • Saturday at midnight
  • Monday at midnight
  • Next Saturday at midnight

This feature automates controls for you, while giving deadlines to meet.

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In addition, Managers and Admins have access to timesheets by Person and Project. To toggle this feature, find the dropdown to the right of your timesheet. Clicking on this will give you a drop down menu offering you different timesheet views.

Managers and Admins can edit time entries as needed, review notes, and add their own notes. They have permission to make changes even after timesheets have been scheduled to lock.

Exporting Timesheets

Click to Play People and Project Timesheet Export

In addition to locking and editing timesheets, Managers and Admins can export timesheets by person and projects.

On the Timesheet page, click My Timesheet. This will dropdown two options: Project View and Person View. Select one and click “Export to CSV”. Use one of Bric’s presets, or define a custom range.

Here are the fields that will be exported for Project View:

File Name: Client + Project Name + Project Code + Export Date Range

Columns: Project Code, People, Roles, Actual Hours, Project Billable Rates, Revenue Earned

Here are the fields that will be exported for Person View:

File Name: First Name + Last Name + Export Date Range

Columns: Project Name, Project Code, Client, Role, Actual Hours, Project Billable Rate, Revenue Earned