We built Bric for the creative or technician who built their business through their skill and passion.

However, now that the business has grown, they spend all of their time managing time. Bric is a capacity planning system that allows owners to get back to the work they love.

Do you spend all of your time managing time?

Stop worrying about over–scheduling or under–scheduling your employees.

With a click of a button know who is working on what, identify potential problems, and know your team’s capacity for new projects.

Colette is all about doing great work.

After years at big agencies, she started her own firm to focus on maximizing creativity, not just maximizing profits. She uses Bric to get the business work done quickly, so her and her team can spend their time doing great work.

Adam wants happy employees.

He started his agency to provide great jobs to great people. Bric helps him be a great boss. He can quickly identify over- or under-booked employees, and more accurately plan projects. His employees love not having project whiplash.

Megan isn’t a business person.

She is great at getting the work, and doing the creative work. The only problem is she isn’t sure if the business is profitable. Bric gives her the numbers she needs to run her business — with confidence.

Jordan is tired of his small agency.

He is ready to grow. He has been using Bric for 6 months. Now he knows how long each project takes, his costs, his profits, and how his employees spend their time. All that’s left is to recruit great talent and clients.

Andrea and her entire team feel overwhelmed.

They have whiplash from sprinting to finish work. It wouldn’t be so bad, but no one knows when projects will finish. Using Bric allows them to create accurate project plans. Now they schedule projects as well as downtime — most importantly family time and vacations. No more whiplash!

Who’s using Bric?

Oxide Design

What users are saying:

Bric changes guessing-and-hoping into clear-headed 
planning backed up by real data.

Drew Davies Oxide Design Co.

Not to sound too exuberant, but Bric more than provides me with a tool that I need, Bric has shaped how I think about my business, clients and employees.

Rahul Gupta Big Wheel Brigade

Bric is working out well! It has helped with scheduling and project management. I realize now that we were spending more time on clients than originally agreed. In addition, we’re no longer a slave to our google calendar. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Weber Ravun Consulting

Day one feedback on Bric: where has it been for the last 9 months of my life?! So convenient! Thanks for looking into other options. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am : )

Kat Shereko Content Harmony

“Bric has given us significant intelligence about our productivity and workforce, and allowed us to better understand how to be more profitable.”

Raj Jha Practice Alchemy