Your professional services company sells time — Bric helps you manage that time. With Bric you can accurately plan your team’s calendar, so you can confidently get back to doing the work you love.
Our Product

Over 12 months, using Bric you could take home an additional $100,000.

Bric is time-management software built with analytics at our core. We provide managers the analytics they need to run their businesses — to help creatives think strategically. We provide our users with insights on what the future holds so that they can create budgets, hiring plans, and monitor how people are spending their time.

Best of all, we don’t tell you how to run your business — we provide you with options. Our job is to inform our users, not to force them to make a specific decision. We provide our users with multiple ways to use our system so that you can do things the way that is most comfortable or best for your business.

What could Bric mean for your company?

Bric doesn’t reinvent the way you run your professional service firm. We don’t have to.

All we have to do is incrementally increase the utilization of your employees. With Bric your employees spend less time idle, and more time on client work.

Let’s break that down.

Say you have 10 full-time employees. If we increase employee utilization by just 5%, your business could earn $8,500 a month in extra profit. Over 12 months, using Bric could help you take home an additional $100,000.

Bric helps our customers make more money with incremental increases in employee utilization. But the real benefit is beyond money. We love watching how confident our users are about the future of their business.


Know what your employees are doing with simple reports.

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Project Planning

With Bric, you’ll create project plans as well as accurate forecasts.

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Time tracking

Motivate your employees to track time.

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