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According to AIGA, the minimum recommended utilization rate is 65% for creative agencies. Yet the US average is 42%.

This means a 10-person creative firm is losing more than $650,000 of profit annually.

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Why charge per employee?

We think it is only fair to charge based on the value we provide. The more employees you have, the greater the impact better project planning and time tracking can have on your profitability and employees.

Employee vs. User?

We do not charge for users — only employees. Someone can be both an employee and a user — e.g. Time Tracking. The difference is that: 

  • Users can login to the Bric system to plan projects,  and review reports.
  • Employees are resources that can be planned.

How will I be billed?

Bric adjusts to your needs. Your bill is based on the number of employees you are managing with Bric at the start of each bill period. Your first bill period starts the day after your trial is complete. There are 12 bill periods in a year, and renewals on or near the same day each month.


During your trial, you have unlimited access to Bric. This allows you and your team to evaluate Bric, complete the setup process, plan projects, and start increasing employee utilization.


You can cancel your account at anytime. However, we do require 7 days notice before canceling. We want to make sure we understand why you want to cancel, and have an opportunity to make things right. It is important to note that you are billed in advance on a monthly basis. We do not provide refunds or credits for partial months of service.

Payment Methods?

Bric accepts credit and debit cards.