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Getting Started

Make the most of your first 30 days. Setup Bric, customize it, and make Bric a habit.

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Project Planning

How to plan projects with Bric. Save time, build new projects  with templates and analytics.

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Time Tracking

How to track titme with Bric, and get your team to do the same.

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How to customize Bric to your company and your team.

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Accounts & Billing

How to manage your account, make the most of your trial, and upgrade.

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Product Roadmap

Bric is constantly getting better. See what we are building.



How to integrate Bric with the applications you are already using.

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Trouble Shooting

Things not working? How to fix the most common issues.

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How to understand and make the most of Bric’s reports.

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Answers, how-to’s, and articles that we couldn’t find a topic for.

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