Trust Your Employee Timesheets

Time tracking justifies the work of creative professionals. Employee timesheets are the golden tickets to the success of creative agencies. Done accurately and with care, employee timesheets provide valuable information for project planning and budgeting.

For Agency owners.

Trust your process. You hired your employees because you trust their creative processes. Using data collected from accurate timesheets allows you to let go of the stress of managing and invoicing. Data-centered timesheet analysis gives confidence to everyone involved in the creative process.

When employees accurately track their time, you use this information to estimate budgets accordingly. This gives you confidence that you are not over budget.

When employees receive their projects every week, they are confident that they aren’t over or under booked. This is because you use past timesheets to predict the size and scope of new projects. You are confident that you optimize your employees’ time.

When a client receives their finished project in a timely manner and with a reasonable invoice, he has confidence that your agency will consistently provide excellent service. This brings profit for you and the cycle of confidence starts again.

Of course, this is all assuming that the timesheets turned into you are accurate.

For Creative Professionals.

Imagine your timesheet as a school report card. However, instead of the teacher deciding how well you did, you fill it out and turn it into your boss. Although it seems like “busy work” or a “completion grade,” it’s more important than filling out a piece of paper.

Timesheets justify the hard work you put into your projects. If you log your hours with attention to detail, you feel more positive about your work. Filling out timesheets takes precision, care, and trust.

  • Precision. Track your hours down to the minute. The more precise you are, the more information your employer has to calculate your future schedule. When another car company asks your agency to do another commercial like the one you did a month ago, you’ll be assigned just the right amount of work. Goodbye twiddling thumbs or biting nails, hello employee optimization.  
  • Care. You are not a cog in a machine. Your unique work makes up the character of the company for which you work. You should care about its success. Solid time tracking is solid gold when it comes to easing the pain of the management team.
  • Trust. Once you commit to precision and decide you care, you don’t have to think about time tracking anymore. You just have to do it, and trust that your timesheets are the lifeboats that keep your company afloat.

It’s no secret that detailed timesheets take time. There are reliable solutions that clock hours and track projects for you, like Bric.

When I was in grade school, I dreamed of a special pen. This pen did my homework for me. I placed the pen on the paper, and magically all of the answers were filled out to the best of my knowledge. It was somehow connected to my brain.

Well, in a sense, my dream has come true. Not for grade school students, however, but for creative agencies. With Bric, employees have all the precision, care, and trust in their timesheets without the time required to complete them. They log onto the system, select the project they’re working on, and their hours as logged. No more accidentally forgetting or making up hours. Bric cares about timesheets and logs hours with precision. Employees trust Bric.

With Bric, agency owners have confidence that Bric creates accurate budget goals. Not only that, but owners have access to profiles of each employee. They see if anyone is over or underworked that week, so employees are confident that their time is optimized. And yes, both of these features mean clients have confidence in the reliability of the company.

Bric may not be a magic pen, but it is a software that does all of the mind bending analytics required for running an agency. To creative people who joined the business world to use their talents, it may as well be magical.